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Saturday, November 14, 2009

ungrateful people.

sometimes, people are just ungrateful with the things they have.

things that some people are dying to have.

probably they don't even realize it!

they take things for granted.

they are not appreciative with what they have.

whereas for those who doesn't have it, are thinking days and nights for ways to get that.

cracking their brains...

dreaming about it every night...

admiring pictures and others who have it.

why? why? why?

why don't they realize how important it is? how lucky they are?

how beautiful that is....

this is so not fair.


i'm not jealous but just pissed with people who take things for granted.

they are talented & good.

but, they are not appreciating it.

at least be appreciative with what you have & know how lucky you are.

if only i was like them...

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