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Saturday, November 29, 2008

In loving memories of Chloe...

29 November 2007...

was the day i've cried the most in 2007

My beloved doggie, Chloe left me and my family...

We did not know what was the cause of her death...she was always a healthy little dog...

We took care of her very well...but yet..*sigh*

In loving memories of Chloe Imperial Elegance...

I really miss her a lot...such a cute and good dog...
I will never forget the moments...
we had fun together...
we fought...
i scolded her for stealing food, for not eating her own biscuits...
and every minute & seconds when she was still around with us...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

- another hang.. -

hey hey~

yesterday, went hang at Pavilion..from HMG..only me and Tia...with Mao family and some other friends who are not in HMG or Mao family..elo's cuteee cousin bro,Malcolm joined us too..he's sooo cuteeee and he's only 6! =P

i was at the main entrance at about 11.20am..we suppose meet at 11.15am..the whole gang still not here..sighhh...waited...11.30am..only they reach..

then,we went to buy tickets for Madagascar at 2pm..
still early..and we went to the food court to wait for Lv and Samuel..

On the way, Malcolm said he needs to go,Manoj and Aaron brought him cuteeee...

the girls..of course..we went too..hehee..and as usual..elo and ch will take pic in

everyone came out..went to sit at the food court tables..while waiting for tht two fellow..hahaaa...i mean..Lv and Sam..

we talked..talked..and talked..took pics..of Malcolm..he is a super poser! every pic sure different pose..hahaa...cuteee~ he might be a model in future..who knows? lol...

suddenly,we saw jeeyee and were having lunch break from their japanese

after a while..finally! sam reached..Lv still not, we decided to just go eat..<>
ate at Subway~ yummmy!

i ordered chicken is 6 inches long..shared with Tia and Aaron...

in comes Lv!

continued talking..

around 1.30pm...all of us went to the cinema...waited..


playing with little Malcolm...and he's like trying to throw tia down from the cinema running around and Malcolm talks really LOUD! the whole wide world can

finally! time for movie! All of us watched Madagascar 2 except Sam..he watched Igor cos' he watched Madagascar d...

the movie was really funny! hahahaa...and the popcorn makes me feel like vomiting..too much of it i guess...

after movie, me,tia and ch..desperately need to visit the washroom..haha..( dahlah so cold in the cinema...) so, we were like running to the toilet..haha..<>

then,we went J Co..some of them wants to get some donuts~
In J Co..i saw esther and another girl..both ex form5

then..we went window Pavilion...i start to feel bored..tired..

there is nothing to do in Pavilion except shopping and movie..the stuff there are like soo,we can only

according to tia,malcolm is the source of entertainment to us..he's really talkative..hahaaa...always running malcolm didn't go,i think it will be worst!

It was already 4 plus..almost 5pm..which means it is time for me to go..
Before that, how can we leave without taking a group photo? this is the pic~

Look at malcolm!! always

After that, all of them went Starbucks..whereas me..i went home...=p

reached home..feel so tired! but i still online for a while..chated a little..headache got worst when ch told me " that"...tia called..talked a while..then, i gave up..i can't take it anymore..i need rest! went to bed..

yeap..that's all about was a happy and also a sad+angry+tired day..


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

- again? lol...

today was just okay..normal day...was playing so much..i din feel like doing add maths or maths...hahaaa...enjoy first right? lol..

around evening..6 plus..i was trying very hard to win tickets to watch the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra ( MPO) was just yesterday that i won David Cook's album..and today..not me but my mom won the MPO tickets for me!! wyeeeeeee!

I tried the whole day..but the way, the MPO tickets are from another radio station..not Fly..hahaa...this is the one i'm gonna watch..

6 Dec Sat 8.30pm
Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Osmo Vänskä conductor
Marc-André Hamelin piano
NIELSEN Symphony No.2 (Op.16) – “The Four Temperaments”
BRAHMS Piano Concerto No.2 in B flat (Op.83)

Whoa!! I can't wait to watch it! I'm sure it is going to be AWESOME!
2 tickets and i'll be bringing my sis with me~ heheeee
everyday blogg bout winning bless! wyee!~
that's all guys!

Monday, November 24, 2008

- feeling betterrr...or maybe not...

am i feeling better or not?

i don't know..whatever...
anyways, this afternoon something happened..that made me feel a little better...just 2%...

i was listening to Fly fm..this week they are giving out David Cook & David Archuleta's album..this whole week they are gonna talk, talk, talk, all bout them...

and..i'm a BIG but not die heart fan of DAVID COOK! but still...i want his album!! heheeee

so..i called during the first cue-to-call...= failed...oh have to answer a question...the first cue-to-call Q was sooo easy..

" When is DC's birthday?"
- 20 Dec 1982-

so,i tried the second cue-to-call..after few hours..and guess what?


My question was:

" DC had a solo studio album ( not the one i wrote before..) in 2006..what is the title of the solo album?"
- Analog Heart-

Actually, i've already on the computer infront of me before the cue-to-call...hahahaaa..i searched in Wikipedia, i know the answer...( with the help of the comp...hahaa...)

the Dj also realized that i have a computer infront of who cares? i just want the album!!! excited~

yeap...that's all i guess...and i've been playing Pet Society nowadays without a by ch and etc...hahaa...

that's all for now~


Sunday, November 23, 2008

- what's going on? -

what's wrong with me??

this weird feeling..

couldn't explain..nor describe...

but, i just hate it so much...

gosh..don't know what to do...


Friday, November 21, 2008

~ Expect the unexpected...


let me just share some stuff i read from

i was browsing through and an article entitled 'Expect the Unexpected' caught my attention.i clicked on it..

after i read the article..i was like *wow* can read it yourself..this is the web: unexpected

this article really reminded me that my God is a God of imposibilities..from the day PMR finished all the way until now, i have been worrying so much about how did i do in my exam and what's my result going to be.All these questions annoyed me everyday..

today,i went to check this website out.i'm so glad i did! Cos' now that i know i can rely on God,i'm not so worried..

Part of the article:

Yes, this is the God whom we believe in. He specialized in all the impossible. Nothing is too difficult for him accomplish. There is no ‘NO’ in God. With God everything is ‘YES’ and ‘AMEN’. We must expect the unexpected.

Do not create boundary for God. We must think out of the box in regards to God’s work. We cannot limit him with our limited wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. Simply put your 5 loaves and 2 fishes in the hand of God and see the miracle of multiplication.

It may not be possible for us but for God, everything is possible. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, of you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Whoa! How about that! So, REMEMBER! DO NOT LIMIT WHAT GOD CAN DO IN YOUR LIFE! you never know what is His plan for,sit tight and experience it yourself..He might surprise you with somethng..=P


Friday, November 14, 2008

~ Found something cuteeeee....


today..i was checking my mails..and i came across an e-mail my mom sent to me last time...( proves how often i check my mail

so, i just open the mail..and i was really surprised with the pictures..

they are soo cuteee...cuteee food that are the pictures..see it yourself...=P

- wish i have my morning coffee like that -

- Its just so adorable...-

- Oh my gosh! so cuteeee...-

- this is quite cutee..but can be scary too...-

- I want to eat that! -

- awww...-

- so cuteee..but what's that? -

- having a swim in the miso soup? -

- aww..look at sweet...-

- cuteeeeee...-

- Its so makes you don't wanna eat it -

So, am i right or what? they are seriously really cuteee and adorable! =P hahahaa...i really wondered if they really they sold some where? I would definitely buy them! heheee...

Anyways, enough of those cutee little fellows...( i don't know what are they called..hahaaa)

yea...that's all for today...heheee...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

~ I' ve skated !!! ~ =P


yesterday...i went hang with tia,ch,sam,lv,jun,elo,sharon,fion and aaron ( SBU )....

we went skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice

fion,tia,aaron, jeeyee,char and hil suppose to go extreme park..but dunno what happened..their plan cancelled and they came to join us

- skating~ (except for jeeyee,char and hil..)

before we went skating..we had lunch at Pizza Hut..yuMmY~

when we were and sam cannot tahan d..hahaa...too excited to skate...

then..we went to get the tickets..i've got discount cos i brought jusco card~ wyee!

me...very ....i din know how to get have to like scan your bar code before sam told me..hahaha...

this and sam really can't tahan d...we din wait for others..we just go get our skate shoes..then.. we get the special coin for the lockers...

Me and sam..we are all set to get into the rink..while the rest just came in..and..getting shoes..etc..

me and sam went in was like..Oh my gosh!! I cant even stand still..we were like holding the side all the time..trying to move but its just so difficult...

then..its time for resurfacing...all skaters are suppose to leave the ice rink..we waited outside the the mean time we took some pics..

yup! those are the pics we took...=P

after the first resurfacing...we went in again..this time..i challenged myself to go to the middle part of the rink...i went with tia..

after a while..we decided to go 'solo'...which means no holding hands..
we actually ended up quite least now we manage to balance on those blades...and able to glide a getting more FUN!!

before this..i was thinking to myself..maybe we should have went some other place but not here..but..after a while..i felt we chose the right place to hang! Its not only a hang..but also we learnt something new..which is skating~

but of course..before you are able to balance on those blades...
* CONFIRM : you will fall a lot! on your ass and also your knees...but..that's how you learn i guess..after a while..all those falling downs will be all worth it..

As for fion...she was like screaming until the whole sunway pyramid people can was just exagerating..heheheee..but..she was afraid to skate..we did helped her but..she was still afraid..and there was once when she fell..she fell on jun and nearly or maybe she did kissed her..( OMG ) ewww...feel disgusted..

everyone was having loads of fun! ( not all i guess...hahaaa..)
they left around 4.20pm to go window shopping...where as me..i decided to skate, i told them to go first..and so they did..i skated alone until 6.05pm...

after they left..i think i was really tired and my legs are getting feeble...
i still continue skating..but it was no fun at all...i kept tripping over the ice which i don't understand why?...i hate it when that happens..sometimes..i looked like i am going to fall but somehow i don't..that's weird and it looks really "dangerous" i was sick of falling..i kinda like "surrendered" around 6.05pm...
i came out from the rink..i was walking like ' orang tempang '..
it took me some time to walk to get my legs was really sore..that's why...

i took out the skate shoes..and was shocked cos around my skin came off..and it hurt so much..=( doesn't really matter cos i've learnt how to skate and most importantly i had a lot of fun with my friends! =P

so, i guess its a great outing! =)

Me and tia decided to go again next next week! Hopefully can skate a little better than yesterday..heheheee...

that's all for now..conclusion..
fun is what i had..and i'm really happy cos i'm able to hang and at the same time learn something i've never thought of learning..=)

toodles! =)

* A video of me skating..( looked weird..)hahaaa..
thx tia for taking this video~
It wasn't me that's laughing...guess who? =P

Saturday, November 8, 2008


today..was a great day..
after dance..
went shoppin with mom in Sg. Wang..




went Momoe..
bought a pair of shoes...=P
luv it~ really comfy..=)


to look for some dresses...
can't find a nice one...


give up...decided to go Nichii another day...

around 6.20pm..

went to Sakura..

the food was AWESOME...

had their famous nasi lemak.. the portion is soooo big..if one person finish it on his/her can last for 2

had asam laksa too...

cendol for dessert..

all the food was really YUMMY~

then..we went home..
soo satisfied with the dinner...heehehee...

hope to go there again!~

that's all for now..=) wyee~


Friday, November 7, 2008

~ Miisss you all sooo much ~


my second post for the day..

i signed in MSN around 9.51pm..

suddenly..tiara ask me go watch a video..

so, i watched..

it was a video made by tiara,dedicated to all 3 Angsanians..

it was really good..( except the blur parts..)

all credits to tiara and the photographer..

the video really brought back a lot of memories to me...

all the fun..laughter..we had together...that $$ can't buy..

it will be something that i will remember for life..=)

i dun think i can watch the video anymore..

its just too sad..=(

to all 3 Angsanians..

thanks for sharing the joy,laughter and fun with me..=)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Morning~ the first day of holiday..suppose to be really happy but

am not..anyways, i need someone to help me ( desperately..).i dunno how

to change my profile and add in the chat box and etc..sad...=( bloggie is

so not complete...just got the posts only..sob..=(

-christine- ^^

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wyee! Luv the new loOk...=)

finally! i figured out how to change the look of my bloggie to the dancing sheep...(my fav..) heheee..different item on the new look represents different places..

eg. ribbon = profile
paper clips = links
pens = bloggie

I did not know this when i first change the look of my<>
But i have no idea about the is about a girl named kai lin,which i dun even know who is think is the person who created this blog skin..hahaaa...but..why is it in my profile??! My profile suppose to be about me right?? lol... and i changed my bloggie's skin look so many times..decided to stick to this..but still dunno how to add in my profile and etc..=(

Let me blog about today! Today..last day for Form 3..we had a majlis penutupan for aktiviti selepas PMR..

As usual..starts with ketibaan Pengetua SMKSBS..

Then..bacaan doa..ucapan from Addina,wakil bagi Tingkatan 3..

Followed by ucapan from Pn. Zuraidah..( think the spelling is like this..)

Pengetua's turn to give her speech..( bla..bla..bla..)

Prize giving ceremony..then..the time we've been waiting for..our turn to perform..

Only 3 classes + asrama boys performed today..

3A..our performance includes..

  • PCK rap by Hilary and Tiara..( the idiots of 3

  • Hare hare yukai dance by Jeeyee,Mel,and Addina..

  • Choir..( Mungkin nanti, Peterpan..)

I feel the performance was ...heheee..the PCK rap and dance was good..but the singing part was..uhh... hahahaaa..kinda lame..heheeee

i think the best performance was the drama one by the asrama boys..hahaa..its really a funny drama...wakakka...=P

After the majlis ended, we were suppose to watch the Form 5 students reherse for their graduation tomorrow..but..we did not..cos' its just too boring..Zzzz..we ( hang + mao ) decided to play!

We played Pepsi cola, AEIOU stop and another game which i dunno how to spell does sound a bit childish..but we had a GREAT time, who cares if it is long as we have FUN~ i wanna enjoy all the moments i have with them cos' i know next year i wun be the same class as them..=( these few days..i really had a lot of fun with them..these are the memories that i will never forget with 3 Angsanians..

yeap..that's what happened today..i really had a lot of fun with you all..=P

Can't wait for the next hang! 3 Angsanians or i should say hang+mao is going Sunway Lagoon together next wednesday!!! Hope to have even more FUN with all of them!


* TIARA forced me to add this: Li Jun hit her leg today and it hurts a lot..( while we were playing Pepsi cola..) lolx...


A Great Day at The Special Children's Home..

2nd post..heheeee.. went to a special children's home..
at first..we were quite shocked..cos' they are really friendly..when we reach there..they waved at us..then..we just put a BIG smile like this =) on our face and waved back..hehe..

went in the home..met the children..i met this little girl..i dunno her name cos' she can't really talk,i just went everywhere with her..

stand beside her while she was having her tea break..(so cuteee...)

then, we did some drawing..and painting..

she loves painting i think..we did so many paintings..hahaaa..

next, i decided to do some teaching..hahaaaa..i taught her alphabets..she's pretty good with it..she can say the alphabets but can't really write it out..actually, i don't really need to teach her..she know it all..=P

after a while...a lady came over..and kinda like laughed at her..cos' she have paint all over her face,shirt, and hands..then, i realized that the lady was actually her mom..

her mom asked me to take her diapers off..i brought her to the toilet with one of the teacher of the home..took it out for her..and she peed too..hahaha...

she's really cutee...and always pulling me to where she wants to go..i carried her..cos' her mom asked me to..( she can't walk is some sort of sickness i think..) and i brought her up to her class room..

In the class room, with all the other kids..we had some flash cards..she's smart...she knows all the animals well..hahaa..then the teacher decided to let them play Lego cos' the teacher is afraid that they might tear and spoil the flash cards..

So, we did some Lego..all of them seems to be really HAPPY~
and there is this boy..who loves watches a lot..he will want to check out people's watch..and Tiara likes this little boy a lot cos' he's the only one who talked to her..( about her watch..haha..)

After 15 minutes or so, someone came in and asked us to go down..cos' it is time to go..then we said " Bye bye" to all the kids..the little girl i took care of..hugged me..and did not want to let me go..i was so touched..hahaaa..the teacher had to pull her away..or else i'll be stuck there forever..hahahaa..luckily she did not cry..
I said bye to her..and she waved at me too..oh my gosh..she's so adorable..=)

I really feel great cos' i get to see so many wonderful kids..especially that little girl i took care of..i really hope i get to visit her again..It is great when you get to bless someone..especially special people like the kids i met today..i felt really bless by this trip..and it only cost me RM is the most memorable trip for me..=)

that's what happened today..and tomorrow will be the last day of Form 3..=( but i'm happy cos' holiday is starting soon! heheee..will blog more about tomorrow..=) that's all for now..

christine =)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Finally!!! =)

hiiii...welcome to my bloggie~ finally i created one...hahaa...oh well..nothing much yet..but will add more stuff later..=)