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Monday, September 28, 2009

all i wanna say is....i'm sorry.

i regret not talking to you.
i'm so sorry for being a jerk!
you may think i'm snobbish, horrible, rude or the worst thing you could ever think of.
but, i'm truly sorry.
that time, it wasn't the "real" me at all!
ahhh!! someone...pls kill me...
am feeling really super duperly bad!
it's just infront of you, i'll just get "stuck" somewhere.
when you're not around, i'll feel so freee...
honestly, that moment, what was going through my mind was...
" I just wanna get out from this place! "
not because i hate you but because * **** **** *** ** **** ***!
i'm really not what you think i am.
or probably, you might not even notice.
maybe to you, i'm just that little tiny ant that is hardly visible.
you might not even care.
but, i do.
if i ever could turn back time, i will definitely "fix" that.
i'm sorry.

Monday, September 21, 2009

when i needed it most...

i'm always blown away whenever i read that blog.
a few of the post was so related to me.
what i'm going through.
and to know that He really listens to your cry.
and some how answer you back through blogs? ( lol)
anyways, sigh.
these question always pop out in my head : am i really that suckky?
am i that unnoticeable?
it's easy to say " do not care what others think about you "
but the truth is, i care.
there's so much going on right now.
so much stuff running through my head...
hopefully i'll get through it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Genee International Ballet Competition 2009

Claudia Dean, gold medalist from Australia

Takeaki Miura, bronze medalist from Japan

Nicola Wills-Jones, silver medalist from Australia

The only Singaporean who made it to the finals, Min Yi Kwok

Henrietta Ellice-Flint, finalist from Australia

These are just some of the winners and finalist.
Most of the finalist are from Australia! But, I'm really proud that Min Yi Kwok made it to the finals!
Claudia Dean, who won the gold medal, really deserved this.
Look at the picture!
only one word.
once again, congrats Claudia!
and again, i missed it. sigh.
i bet next year's competition will be further than Singapore.
which means i won't be able to make it to that place.
but, nevermind. i guess i'll just wait for the videos.
i <3>
the contestants are all quite young. around 15 to 19 of age.
they are really talented!
and i'm sure it is an experience that they will never ever forget in their life!
and also it is a good platform to start off their career as professional dancers.
many notable ballerinas & ballet dancers had the genee experince when they were younger.
so, yea...these contestants will surely go far! =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

how long will my journey be?

how far can i go?
something nobody knows except for Him.
how serious it is? I don't know.
all i want in this whole life is that it gets better.
nothing more than that.
that's all i ask for.
but, calling it an end it's a T-totally NONO!
NEVER! even if i need crutches!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ain't it cute??

aren't these mooncakes cuteeee??
i want them!


lost appetite.
skipped 3 meals.
feel like vomiting when i see food.
and now
having fever.
This song definitely made me felt better : Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus