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Tuesday, July 21, 2009



as i have said before this, i'll take a picture of my very first pointe shoes...

*drums roll*


look at 'em..=)
this was few weeks ago when my mom ( i don't know how to have not sewn my shoe
ribbons on...
they look so beautiful and clean.
now, it's a disaster already...
no picture for that, of course.
another thing is....
my exam result is out!
the result is
*drum rolls*
this is the picture i edited

now this is the original one...=)

my result form...

hmm...i know it's only grade 5

and distinction for grade 5 is like nothing to those pro...

but, i've only begun not long ago...

so, am happy with my progession...





suffering man...=S


must persevere! =)

hmm...guess that's all for now.

not suppose to be using the comp...=S

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i don't know why...but, all of a sudden, i felt scared...
of what the future has for me...
in a blink of eye, it is already thursday.
time really does fly.
everything seems to be happening so fast.
can i have a little break so that i can breathe some "fresh air"?
when you start thinking about it, it is really really scary.
July is coming to an end.
Soon, we'll be welcoming August.
then, September.
Then, 2010, SPM.
college...uni...working...and etc...
gosh! hate thinking about all this! =S
challenges...lots of them..
coming up...
gosh! i don't know what to do.
there will be new stuff, challenges, waiting for you.
guess this is life.
i think i need a break.
to relax myself.
to tell myself to chill and not to worry so much.
of what is going to happen tomorrow.
and depend on the Creator.
going to bed now.
Song of the day: Imagine - David Archuleta

Friday, July 10, 2009

sick! =(

am having fever, slight flu and bit sore throat...
body temperature going up instead of going down...
reaching 38 degrees any time...sob
gosh! hate being sick! =(
gonna get some rest now...
the sad sad girl...
signing off...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

great day again?

now every Saturday is a great day!
as usual...
today's classes was "interesting"...
you know why?
cos one of the kids cried in class!!
got panic attack man!
she cried cos she fell...and you know, when kids fall, all they do is CRY!
went towards her and comfort her...ask her not to cry...=)
but still cry
after quite sometime, she finally stopped...yay! =S
another one is this kid...she look kinda sad...
so, i asked her why?
she said " i love my mummy..."
but, sweet...ain't she cute?
she's also the one who merajuk and wants her mommy, last week...
these kids are just amazing! they make me feel happy...
and they really made my day! =D
oh gosh! i think i love kids now! eheemmm...hahaha...
can't believe i hated kids last time...
they are too cute to be hated! =P
another kid who wasn't from that class...came to she was entering the dance studio..
and said hi to me...
i was surprise...
cos i'm not assisting my teacher for that class..
cos i gotta go for my own class that time...
i walked out...and she came out to say bye to me...
my heart melted...=S
so, that's the reason why i always look forward for Saturdays...
all the frustrations and disappointments i had on weekdays...
these kids really cheers me up!
another thing is i'm gonna have to conduct a Grade 1 class
on the 18th ON MY OWN!
cos my teacher couldn't make it on that day...
this is scary man!
FIRST time conducting a class!
hopefully things will go well on that day..
even though it's just Grade 1, but still, am still nervous ya know!
oh yeah! the picture of my pointe shoes! still haven't
will post another time! =)
am starting using pointe shoes tmr! =D
excited.scared-pain! =S
Great day! =D
Song of the day: The Climb ft. Ahmir
this song is soooo gooood...better than the original version! <3333>