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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

numbers that left a scar on me...

last friday was the day i never felt so horrible before.
it all started in the morning around 10 am plus...
i got my exam paper...
it wasn't as bad as in fail but i expected something better than that
at that time, i was just a little discouraged...just a little
after recess, was the main "thing"
got another exam paper back
from the moment i saw the first digit...
i felt like crying...
i held on...
teacher told me where was my mistake with a disappointed tone
if he was disappointed,what about me?
i was and is 100% more disappointed than he was
my mind was "away"
did not really understood what he said
kept the paper
tried doing other work to make me feel better
but it didn't work
which left me in tears...
i still remember that feeling being alone in times like that,it was so
that time, i really hoped i could look for my friends
but too bad, thay are all too far away
went to pass something to another teacher..
met our so called "mother"
at least got a little encouragement there
but, it didn't help a lot
that feeling lasted for 2 days
it was really difficult
after the weekends,i suddenly felt there is still hope
kinda stopped blaming myself
and move on...
it was something i do not want to repeat again
sort of like the worst nightmare ever