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Saturday, May 30, 2009


omg! when was the last time i blogged? zillion years
i have not been blogging for so many things happened and i don't even know where to start...

oh well, let me just start with 11th April 2009- DAVID ARCHULETA'S SHOWCASE

11th April 2009
-woke up and followed mom to office...(she works somewhere in Sunway..and the showcase is in Sunway...that's why...)

-had McBreakfast while listening to 'Zero Gravity' for the surprise thingi for DA..

-reach Sunway College and met one of the AAM was only both of us at that

oh ya! What am i doing in SunwayCollege? lol..i join Archuleta Avenue Malaysia ( his fan club in M'sia) and they had a pre-showcase gathering in SC..DA wasn't there but by going for that gathering, I made friends with other AAMers..=P
NOT ONLY THAT, all the members were given a small tiny paper..that little paper will bring us to somewhere really special...they did not want to tell was a "surprise".. =D

12 pm
- left SC. me, sharon and pui yeng walked to the Elephant Walk together..
-reached.soooo many people already queing...omgg..the line was super loonng...we were quite behind cos we were very late...people started queing as early as 8am!
-queing under the hot,hot,hot,hot sun...=( thank God for my snoopy! =P

1 something
-gates opened..went in...the amphitheatre was AMAZING!

2 something
-lots of people are still coming in...the place was so packed!

3 something
-it is already very very packed and people are still coming in! omg...i dun even see any empty seats..=S

4 pm
-we were like.." I thought they said 2pm? Can they like start now?? arrgghh..waited soo long already! "

-started FINALLY! with JJ&Ian entertaining us...we had some warm up, singing 'Crush'..=D
-the show started with 3 local artist singing...the crowd were very calm...until...

DAVID ARCHULETA comes out to perform!!

we were like screaming our heads off! and of course singing along with him..=D
he sang 6 songs altogether..2 songs he sang while playing the keyboard..

5 something
-the show ended..=(
so fast?? but it was like just started...but..sigh..yeap..its over..
wait a minute...NOT over for the AAMers yet..for we have something special waiting for us..=)
we gathered and waited for all the people to leave the venue..

6 something
-only left us and those who won special passes like greet&meet and autograph passes..

-we were told at that time, that we are allowed to take a group photo with DA ( 10 people in a group ) and NO autograph..=(
but at least we get to see him closer..

-waiting for our turn..

-the lady came and said there was a change. The tour manager, Ray, allowed us to have his autograph and an individual picture with him!! O.M.G

-this changed happened after the first group went,sharon,pui yeng,we were in the second thank God we were not in the other group!

-it was our turn..went to the backstage and went into a room..there was a divider in the i have not seen him yet but could hear his laugh! omgg...even his laugh sounded good..what more when he sings! =P

-after sharon, was my turn..i passed my camera to a lady, who is in charge in taking all the photos..and then i walked towards DA..he was smiling and i was super nervous and..and..i gave him the mini poster in his album for him to sign..=D
that moment i met is still fresh in my mind..=P
OMG!! i couldnt believe it! DA is in front of me? or i should say next to me? omgg...
then it was time for me to take a photo with him after he had signed...
he put his arms around me! OMGGGG~
i know i'm crazy but seriously...omgg..
anyways,yeap..his smile is just AMAZING!
and being in that room was weird and scary cos there are people in that room looking at you and its like..weird..these people are in charge of all these stuff i guess...=S

and then..i thank him of course as he handed me the poster...and i left...was so nervous i even forgot to say BYE! sad...=(

-DA is done with his job! and we, as i have said before, gonna give him a surprise~
he came out to take a group photo with the members and as he was walking out..( WITHOUT SECURITY ) we sang 'Zero Gravity' for him..this is the link to the video...=P

that day was so crazy!! We did not expect that we will be able to see David so close!! I will never forget 11th April 2009! wyeeeee~ although it was really tiring...we didn't even had our lunch..=(
so its hungry + tired...

reached home around 9 something..and even though i was very tired..i couldn't sleep..couldn't stop thinking about this special day~

All of us are looking forward for David to come back and have a full concert! =P
and right now...all of us are suffering from O.D.D ( Obsessive David Disorder ) hahhaa...

that's for now! will blog about other stuff another time..since this is already so long..haha..