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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I've got them in my hands!

yesterday was a great day!


i finally got my very own pointe shoes! =D

they are so lovely...kept "playing" with it...tried them dunno how many times ady...

will post a pic of it when i manage to take a nice one...=)

i know it sounds a bit crazy..but..i bring the shoes around...everywhere i go in the house ( except for some places of course) lol...


okay...enough of pointe shoes...

yesterday, as usual..i had 3 classes of assisting..

one of the classes is baby ballet!

oh my gosh! they are sooo cuteee! never seen kids so cute before! =)

and the stuff my teacher taught them was FUN!

seeing them running around and laughing... kid sat at one corner and said " I want my mummy..."

awww...aren't they cute? ^^

in the Grade1 kid was like..

" Teacher, can i go toilet? " lol

" Teacher, can i drink water?


but, i think i'm a sucky teacher...gosh!

need to learn how to interact with kids more! =S

at the end of the baby ballet class, we sang the Barney song!

" I love love me...we are happy family...with a great big hug..and a kiss from me to you..won't you say you love me too..."

so cuteeee~

how i wish i had stuff like these when i was younger..=(


the little kids..think around 4-5 yrs old..

they are so happy! keep smiling at everyone...

am happy seeing them enjoying themself!

i love baby ballet class! wyee~

gosh! i really need to buck up on my assisting skills man! or else, i'm afraid my teacher would sack me! LOL..hahaa...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a memorable day...


was indeed a memorable day for me...
as i have said in the previous post...
i'll be trying pointe shoes after the holidays...
yeap! i tried them today!! o.m.g
they are so lovely =)
(can't take my eyes of them...)
it is just a sample though...
but, my teacher said maybe we'll be getting 'em next week if there is stock...
hopefully, we'll get them next week~
okay...not just that...
today is the first day i assist my teacher...
it was really cool and FUN~
went for 2 classes...
think it is Grade 3 and the other one is Grade 1
my favourite is Grade 1 class...the kids are sooo adorable! cuteeeee~
enjoyed myself a lot! but, it is not an easy task though..
maybe i'll just need more time for training and stuff...
but, think it is quite a good start...first day ma...=P
and the BEST part is....
i'm "paid" for this!
it is not in $$$ form but in points form...
i can use the points i collected to buy any dance accesories,shoes,leotards, basically, ANYTHING!
even if i purchase from internet, i just have to show the receipt and the school will pay me back!
woohoo! =D
ANYTHING except for fees...LOL...
i really had a great day today! am always looking forward for the weekends now!! =D
i'm so bless...
all glory to the One who created me! =P

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


just now
i was checking my mail..
and saw a mail from AAM
entitled ' iTunes Fan Bundle'
i was like.." Oh my GOSH! i got it?? "
and i quickly open my mail...
it is actually some fan pack which consist of 'Zero Gravity, 'Touch My Hand' Video and '1000 miles' unplugged version, from have to buy it...and i think you have to have the US iTunes account to purchase...but AAM is giving it out to the first 10 AAM members who send
them an e-mail...
so, i just try try for fun..and never thought i would be one of them! =)
happy happy!~
thank you so much AAM! =D
song of the day: New Soul- Yael Naim (recommended by be more specific..Christine Ling...LOL )

Monday, June 8, 2009

What a great dinner! =)

last saturday...

i went to a thai restaurant called 'Thai Thai' for dinner...

located in Sunway Pyramid...

one of the reasons why i chose to go that place is because..."ehem" been there before...hahaha...that's David Archuleta~

erm..i know this sounds crazy but..yeap..i've been waiting for 2 months already to go to this place..=P

was really happy while walking towards the restaurant...

finally arrived...went in..wanted to do something ( ask the waiter which table he but, i thought oh well, maybe i should not...=(

not sure if they remembered or not...2 months already!

went to the 'inner' part of the restaurant...and we didn't know it was the smoking area until we saw a few people from different tables

ordered the food...

Green Curry Chicken

Some tofu...


and this is my favourite...Phad Thai ( btw, he ordered this! =P )

am not bias cos DA ordered this, but this dish really taste yummy~ it's the only dish that's not that spicy!

dessert! don't remember what is it called but i just remember that there is some jack fruit

my favourite dessert~ sticky rice with mango!


wahhh...feeling hungry just by looking at this...gosh!

while i was eating, i kept thinking about that day and ***** *********

o.m.goshh...i'm going nuts! =D

and of course, i enjoyed all the food a lot! all the dishes were really spicy even though they don't look spicy! except Phad Thai... =P

will never forget this day~ =)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i missed it! =(

just few weeks ago, there is this ballet company in town..they are called the Les Ballets Grandiva from New York.

What's interesting and different about this ballet company is that all of the dancers are male and they dance the female roles as well! Whoaa..can you imagine a guy with pointe shoes, heavy make-ups, wigs, false eye-lashes and tutus?!!
it is something really different and special compared to the other famous ballet companies.
not only that, their performances are more on the comedy side. so, they are really funny!=P
but at the same time, remaining the beauty of ballet in it. how cool is that!

read more about them here:

From The Star Weekender

"As a professional dancer for many years and at 5’2” I knew a traditional career was impossible,” recalls Victor Trevino, 49, artistic director and founder.

Victor Trevino

“I’m so small that there were not many roles for me. Like a basketball player, you can’t make the national team if you’re short.”

For a while Trevino pondered how he might solve his predicament and at the same time bring ballet to audiences who might not otherwise attend a ballet performance. He hit on the idea of a comedy. That was how he came to start his own dance company 13 years ago.

“I knew that the comedy aspect would work better with an all-male group. A man playing a woman’s role is immediately funny to the audience. But I also wanted trained dancers with a high artistic element so that it wouldn’t be just another cheap burlesque or drag show,” explains Trevino.
He chose dancers with special dancing skills, and they come in all shapes, sizes and hairstyles.

“I look at special qualities like if they can do many turns or jumps, and interesting bodies. For example, a big boned ballerina and a petite one provide an interesting contrast. To add more fun, I made sure they learnt how to dance en pointe.

whoaa...look at them! i'm totally blown away!

"but anatomically we are not built to wear pointe or even high heel shoes as a man’s weight distribution is more on his heels. But it’s fun and challenging.”
Emanuel Abruzzo

they are not built to wear pointe?! and they are dancing so well on them! don't believe me? go find their videos in youtube! they are just simply amazing!!

Abruzzo explodes with energy on and off stage. His speciality is toe-tapping (tapping rhythmically en pointe using tap shoes — ouch!), but this routine is not part of the Kuala Lumpur repertoire.

Tetsushi Segawa aka Sue Nami ( LOL)

The chap is known for his remarkable turning ability — he’s literally a spinning top.
And how many pirouettes can he do?

“People ask me that all the time and honestly, I’ve never counted them because I tend to lose count after eight!” he laughs. “I always think about balance so I have no time to count, although once someone counted for me and said it was 12.”

His favourite role is playing the female character in a pas de deux from Le Corsaire. At the height of the performance, he does 32 fouettes (one leg is used to whip around to create the impetus to turn) en pointe to rousing applause.

honestly, with all the make-ups and stuff, they do look scary and "omg"...but, from the technique point of view, they are fabulous!

i can't imagine i missed such a big and amazing performance! i only found out about this 1 day before the show ended. how sad!

but, thank God, i found out that there is a very high possibility that they are coming back again next year! so, no matter what, i'm NOT gonna miss it anymore!

For a guy to do stuff like that, they must be extremely good techniquely. They are able to take the male roles and all of a sudden switch to the female roles. whoaa...crazy! they're sooo goood!!

i'm so inspired by these people...

can't wait for their next performance in Malaysia!

can't wait for that!

after the holidays, i'm gonna try on the most lovely shoes on earth! but also the most painful shoes on earth! hahaha...this is shoe is called

hmm..wonder how is it like having those in your feet...besides painful...omg..can't wait anymore!
i know it is torturing but still...nothing comes easy...'No Pain,No Gain' !! =P