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Monday, September 28, 2009

all i wanna say is....i'm sorry.

i regret not talking to you.
i'm so sorry for being a jerk!
you may think i'm snobbish, horrible, rude or the worst thing you could ever think of.
but, i'm truly sorry.
that time, it wasn't the "real" me at all!
ahhh!! someone...pls kill me...
am feeling really super duperly bad!
it's just infront of you, i'll just get "stuck" somewhere.
when you're not around, i'll feel so freee...
honestly, that moment, what was going through my mind was...
" I just wanna get out from this place! "
not because i hate you but because * **** **** *** ** **** ***!
i'm really not what you think i am.
or probably, you might not even notice.
maybe to you, i'm just that little tiny ant that is hardly visible.
you might not even care.
but, i do.
if i ever could turn back time, i will definitely "fix" that.
i'm sorry.

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